Reicat Industrial | designed for medium and large coffee roasters

ReiCat Industrial

for the Coffee Industry

The ReiCat Industrial offers a catalytic air purification solution especially designed to meet the needs of medium and large coffee roasters. You  can comply with legal regulations for environmental protection and reduce the energy consumption. We guarantee a reduction of VOCs, CO & formaldehyde.

  1. Formaldehyde <15 mg/Nm³ (<5 mg/Nm³ if required)
  2. VOCs <50 mg/Nm³ (<20 mg/Nm³ if required)
  3. NOx <350 mg/Nm³ (<200 mg/Nm³ if required)
  4. CO <100 mg/Nm³.

ReiCat offers customised exhaust air purification systems to achieve highest purification performance with minimum energy input.

If required, you can further minimise nitrogen oxides with our unique and
patented VitarNOx® technology (on request).

Suitable for roasters from 60 kg up to 720 kg/batch with capacities from 600 up to 7,500 Nm³/h.







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With a colourful mix of specialists from the areas of engineering, technology, business development, sales & marketing, the coffee team represents a part of the business unit Environmental Solutions of ReiCat.
Our focus is the comprehensive implementation of your projects – the link between your coffee roaster and the customized ReiCat air purification solution.

We are looking forward to your requirements!